Sony LCD HDTV – Great Quality, Expensive Price Tag July 6, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Sony_LCD_HDTV_TelevisionIt is no surprise that one of the biggest competitors in the LCD HDTV market is Sony. Sony has been constantly producing high-quality products though the common complain coming from the consumers is its relatively expensive price tags. Though, there are still an ample amount of consumers that will go for expensive Sony products since they know that they can get great quality from it.

When it comes to Sony LCD HDTV, their top of the line is the XBR9 Series. The company also have named this series the "ultimate in Sony video technology".This lineup has four different models which range from a 32-inch to a 52-inch. This lineup is jam-packed with features and also incorporates a suite of interactive options. These options are termed as BRAVIA Internet widgets. With this capability, you will be able to enjoy free on-demand and premium online entertainment. Online content providers include the following: Sony Music, Amazon Video On Demand, Sony Pictures,, Sports Illustrated, YouTube™ and Slacker.

Other features that made the XBR9 Series the best among Sony LCD HDTV;

  • Refresh rate: Motionflow 240Hz.
  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1.
  • Support for DLNA.
  • x.v.Colorwide technology for wider color gamut.
  • Several connectivity options which includes 4 HDMI input.
  • On-screen TV guide is also available for cable and antenna TV channels.
  • Firmware updates may also be available directed to the TV.

One of the best features of this Sony LCD HDTV model is that it is able to adjust screen brightness depending on its environment. The sound can also be turned on and the screen off at the same time and the screen also can automatically turn on after some time of being inactive.

Sony LCD HDTV has really outdone itself with packing each LCD TV set with loads of features. Though, this can be a disadvantage for those who are not technically inclined and for those who just wants simple and basic options. But if you are the kind that wants to have it all in one package then Sony LCD HDTV television sets is your best bet.

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