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Rear-Projection HDTV Television Simple Buying Tips July 6, 2009 at 6:58 am

Rear_Projection_HDTV_TelevisionObviously, rear-projection HDTV television provides the biggest screen when it comes to HD television sets. Rear-projection televisions start its size at 50 inches and up. Today, it makes use of DLP technology which makes use of million of pixels that is part of a light engine. Then in turn, this light engine is controlled by through a lamp where light bounces. The light bounces to an assembly that in turn produces color that is displayed in the screen. That is the shortened version on how DLP technology works on rear-projection HDTV television.

But you do not have to know all the technical details on how the rear-projection works. I am sure you want to know how you can get your money's worth when buying rear-projection television. Here are some simple buying tips for you.

  • You must know if the retailer you are buying your television is authorized. Well, this can be said with any kind of appliances or gadgets you are buying. There are some online retailers that are not authorized and this means that they do not replace any damaged merchandise, get spare parts and does not honor returns. For authorized dealers, they always have a showroom and have a note saying "Authorized Dealer of 'brand name'. " Also they provide technical support for the product that you are going to purchase either through phone or service center.
  • Always ask questions. There are a lot of buyers who are hesitant to ask questions because they say that they are taking so much time from the salesperson. Well, this should not be the case because you are going to spend your money on something that is expensive and you want to make sure that everything will go well. Another thing is that, a salesperson will be happy to answer your questions because they want to sell the products that they are assigned to which means that they will in turn get an incentive from their boss. So, you are not only helping yourself but also another person, that is if you are going to buy what he/she is selling.

Make sure to ask questions like 'What if the unit we received is defective?', 'If it is defective, can we return it              without paying anything?'. Also ask if they supply other companies or businesses, if they do and were able to prove it then you are dealing with a legitimate dealer. Questions like this will make you more at ease at buying rear-projection HDTV television.

  • Check company information with Better Business Bureau (BBB). If something goes wrong or a dispute arises, you will be able to complain to higher authorities. When it comes to online retailers, do the same with BBB and its physical location.
  • Ask technical questions about the product that they are offering you. This will ensure you that they will be able to help you when something goes wrong with the product you bought.
  • Discuss the warranty in details. Make sure that you cover every page or number that is listed in the warranty document or paper.

These things are not that hard to remember and actually are the only basic things you need to know when buying rear-projection HDTV television. It may be basic but will help a lot in saving time and money.

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