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Sharp LCD HDTV – One of the Rising Star July 6, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Sharp_LCD_HDTV_TelevisionIf you are not with Samsung or Sony then most probably you are with Sharp. Sharp is one of the longest companies in the electronics and appliances market. Today, Sharp is also being recognized with its LCD HDTV products most especially with its Sharp widescreen AQUOS®.

This model has consistently received positive feedbacks from reviewers and consumers. This Sharp LCD HDTV television also includes a Blu-ray player that is built-in. The size ranges from 32 inches to 52 inches. You will be surprised that even if this includes a built-in blu-ray player, it still has a very affordable price.

If you check online, the largest size of this lineup which is 52 inches is sold for less than $1,800. What makes this Sharp LCD HDTV lineup is that you do not have to connect to a separate blu-ray player and still have 4 HDMI inputs. And there are also two other video inputs for other sources of HD. Dejudder technology Fine Motion 120Hz is also included in this lineup also energy efficient and with anti-glare panel.

If you still want lower rates, there are other Sharp LCD HDTV television sets that does not come with the built-in blu-ray player but still having similar features.

Sharp definitely is offering very affordable rates for their LCD HDTV sets. When you acquired for the 52-inch Sharp Aquos LC-52D65U, then you have definitely got your money's worth. Since it was released in the year October of 2008 it continuously received high praises. Other Sharp LCD HDTV sets that you should look out for is the Sharp Aquos E77U Series and the Sharp E67U Series.

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