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LG HDTV August 30, 2009 at 4:48 pm

LG_LH90In every development in the technology industry, LCD always tries to compete with plasma in terms of the picture quality but always fails to succeed. But with the release of LG LH90 series, the gap seemed to be closed between plasma and LCD. This series has an excellent black-level performance with accurate color which is enhanced by LG's user-menu adjustments. It is also one of the best HDTV out in the market, of course it has its own flaws but still provides one of the highest picture quality.

LG LH90 Design: The matte screen is surrounded with a glossy black frame. A semitransparent blue is seen on the extreme edges of the LG LH90 series that provides it with enough sophistication.

Other details seen are:

- LG logo

- chrome-edged

- illuminated power indicator

- three letters "L E D" stenciled onto the bottom-left edge


- LED backlighting with local dimming

- Offers a 240Hz refresh rate to prevent blurring in motion.

- Implements the dejudder processing to provide smoothing effect and reduce blurring. Offers it in Low and High and also in Real Cinema that works with 1080p/24 sources.

- Has more adjustments which includes the Picture Wizard. Once you have configured the settings that you like it will then be stored on the Expert1 slot so you can just switch from one setting to the other.

- THX picture preset that provides improved accuracy.

- Intelligent Sensor, automatically reacts to ambient lighting situations and sets picture parameters as needed.

- "Eye care" setting used to prevent the screen from being too bright

- 10-point white-balance system that can aids in getting a more accurate grayscale

These are just a few of the outstanding features of LG LH90 series has to offer. You might find yourself at a lost when you encounter its unlimited features but it was all provided to give you the best quality possible. The LG HDTV LH90 has definitely upped the ante on this series and we are expecting for more in the near future.

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