HDTV Guide


Well, everyone knows what at HDTV is and for those what exactly it stands for, it stands for High-Definition Television. As compared to SDTV (Standard Definition Television) it has higher resolution which provides crystal clear images.

So, does HDTV only provide crystal clear images, how about sounds? Well, alongside with this revolutionary development it also comes along with surround sound because it will not be complete without it.

So moving on, it was not long ago that we only had the standard televisoin in our living room and we never complained about it. It entertains us everday and we never complain about it. Then comes along HDTV, suddenly everybody is raving about it.


Why? Well, HDTV does not need any fancy marketing because just by looking at it, the term itself sells. It will not be long enough until we refer to HDTVs as just plain TV. Actually, when you go to every home entertainment stores, you will be greeted by huge television screens like screaming at your face saying "Buy me!". Who would not want to buy one?

As much as we want to have this fancy television at our living room, it is hard to look at the price. Yes, we can buy them with our credit cards but after buying it we go home with a new TV and a monthly credit card payment. Well, this is what I know, it has only been a few years since it was introduced and it won't be long that HDTV prices will go down. Actually, it is starting to go down and more and more people are already taking home one.


Different Kinds of HDTV and its Dimensions

  • LCD: 13-65 inches, most popular type of HDTV because its flat, cheaper and available in different sizes.
  • Plasma: 42 to 65 inches, is said to have better quality as compared to LCDs.
  • Rear-Projection: 50 to 73 inches, obviously has the biggest TV screen.
  • Tube TV: up to 36 inches, is the cheapest HDTV.

Aside from just buying and taking home your shiny, new HDTV, you cannot watch high-definition shows without using these three: HDTV source, HDTV channel and HDTV show.

The HDTV source is a high-definition source box which will provide you with high-definition viewing experience. If you use the standard cable box, you will not view high-def images. This mainly delivers high-def shows and channels to your HDTV.


On the other hand, the HDTV channel is simply a high-def channel but you can still view standard definition channels. And this can be said the same with HDTV shows, you can watch shows like Discovery and ESPN in high-def. Though, not all shows and channels are shown in high-definition.

This is just a tip of the iceberg and there are still some important things you need to know about HDTV. But this information can help you in deciding what kind of HDTV you want.